The end of our busy season has come once again, so we’re starting to prepare for the transition into winter. In general, as long as the temperatures are above freezing and we’re not dealing with large amounts of snow, our experts can complete all of our usual services. However, once the extreme winter weather hits, we are somewhat limited.

We can still perform repairs during the winter for many reasons:

  • If your home is heated, which is typically a requirement for our region during the winter, then the ground near the foundation typically doesn’t freeze.
  • The cold weather can help stabilize the ground around the foundation, making the soil a little more stable.

However, there are some challenges we face too:

  • Snow and frozen soil can make it more difficult to dig up the ground around your home. It makes the job a little harder to complete and can cause some delays.
  • The weather can change drastically from a mild, sunny winter day to an ice storm the next.
  • There are many holidays that have to be worked around for both the homeowner and company’s schedule.

Because of these reasons, we’ve found the best solution is to focus on interior work during the winter months. Luckily, that includes a lot of our services! We can install or repair your drain tile if you’ve been having water intrusions issues, perform foundation repair on interior walls, and also complete block foundation repair. Then we can avoid the potential sub-zero temperatures and delays due to winter weather. Some homeowners may be worried about how a foundation job could be disruptive to their home life, but we make sure to work with our clients to avoid this. When you do call us in for an initial inspection, and you’re not sure what kind of work your home may need, we can recommend a timeline as well. A lot of it depends on the severity of the issue and the current status of the soil around the home.

Whether you’re looking to get foundation work done now or in the spring of 2022, we can get the process started with a consultation. Call the experts at Concrete & Foundation Solutions if you’re in the Twin Cities area.