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Concrete & Foundation Solutions specializes in residential and commercial foundation repair. In our over 20 years of expertise, we have literally seen it all regarding foundations.

Living in the upper Midwest we all understand how destructive the ongoing freeze/thaw cycle of winter can be to many structural things. Take our roads for example. Every spring we have a pothole season all due to the freeze/thaw process.

The same destructive forces are at work in a foundation that does not drain properly. Overtime concrete block will become compromised when exposed to sitting water that has not been properly moved away from the foundation. The results of this drainage problem can be seen in a wet and leaking basement, a home that is shifting due to a foundation that has been damaged, a driveway that is pulling away from the home and simple visual cues where the exterior foundation looks pitted and is spalling and chipping away.

If you’re experiencing a wet, musty, leaking basement it’s time to call the experts. We can help. From small core fixes to replacing sections of your existing foundation, we can bring your home back to new.

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Concrete & Foundation Solutions work on many kinds of foundation repair, garage floor fixes, drain tile and patio and sidewalk projects. Check out our professional work in the photo gallery.

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