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block foundation repair


Cracking or bowing of your foundation means water is collecting improperly. The freeze/thaw process will then over time, cause damage to integrity of your foundation.

It is common to first see horizontal or stair-step crack patterns in the mortar between the blocks of the foundation.  This cracking commonly starts at the corners of the structure and makes their way inward.

Another common place for cracking to occur is horizontally, at eye level, in the blocks themselves.

In severe cases, bowing of the foundation wall may be seen indicating a severe structural problem that needs to be fixed right away.

When fixing a block foundation, it’s important to also fix the cause of the cracking. Water is often the problem where water from the roof pools in areas around the foundation. When the water freezes it puts pressure on the block wall causing the first signs of a problem.


Our Process:

When replacing a portion of a block foundation, we first pull back the soil around the blocks to see what is happening with water drainage. Once the blocks are exposed, we systematically remove and replace the affected areas. This is all done with proper support of the structure so further damage does not occur.

Foundation problems are cause for great concern, but we can help. If you notice cracks in your foundation or bowing of your walls, contact us for your FREE initial consultation.

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