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The experts at Concrete & Foundation Solutions bring over 20 years of experience to your job.

We exceed the expectations of our customers who are experiencing wet basements due to failing foundations and improper drainage.

Seeing your home’s foundation bowing or experiencing water intrusion due to cracks and seepage is troubling. Our specialists fix these issues.

We employ many kinds of solutions to basements. It is possible to fix just the affected area without disturbing the rest of the foundation.

Our core fill method is perfect, for example, at repairing concrete blocks that are cracking and failing. We aim to keep your project on task and on budget.

Once we have fixed the deteriorating foundation, we can focus on what caused the problem in the first place. Lack of drain tile, improper slope grading, or lack of gutters on a home all play important roles in diverting water away from a home’s foundation.

Common Cues Your Foundation Needs Repair:

  • Sinking and bowing foundations
  • Water seepage/leaking into a basement
  • Holes in foundation walls
  • Horizontal cracks in the foundation
  • Cracking or sinking garage floors
  • Driveway separation issues

We work with our clients to find the right fix.


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