With springtime flowers comes rainstorms and potentially hazardous snow melt in the right situations. Whether or not you’ve dealt with flooding in the past, it’s important to be prepared in the event of water intrusions. There are a couple key ways we can help waterproof your home:

Clear the gutters.

This first one is actually a simple solution for the homeowner to complete. While this may be difficult to do on those colder spring days, try to wait for a warmer one to check on the state of your gutters. When they’re clogged, the water won’t be safely guided away from your home and will instead pool around the roof or spill over the sides, potentially gathering near the foundation.

Check that your drain tile works.

An interior drain tile, if properly installed, will divert water away from the basement of your home. If a water intrusion does happen, then this system is the best defense for your home so the water can be moved to the sump pump and then out of the home. When a basement floods and doesn’t go down, even with a drain tile, that means it’s not working correctly. It may need to be repaired or replaced, depending on the extent of damage and the age of the system.

Correct the grading around the home.

Over time, the proper grading around your foundation will start to naturally deteriorate. Grading refers to the slope of the earth around your home, which should hopefully be leading away from the foundation. If there’s a heavy rainstorm, for example, then the water should be guided away from the home instead of pooling around it.

Update the window wells.

Along with updating the grading along the foundation, special attention should be paid to the window wells if the home has them. They are prime spots for water to get into the home if enough water starts to gather at the bottom of the well. To avoid this, the top rim should be brought up above the grade level so that water can’t be channeled in there. To avoid animals getting stuck or heavy rain getting in it, a cover can even be installed as added protection.

When it comes to solving water intrusion issues, Concrete & Foundation Solutions has you covered. We excel in diagnosing the problem and expertly repairing the grading or drain tiles of your home.