When winter finally hits the Midwest, a lot of homeowners think that they’ll have to wait until spring to get foundation services done. However, this isn’t true at all. Just like how foundation damage can happen year-round, our foundation experts will also be available for jobs even in winter. Depending on the current snow accumulation and temperature, the job might take longer, but a lot of the time the ground around a home will be warmer due to the heated inside.

What services can we do in the winter?

Foundation Damage Repair

When a foundation is damaged, homeowners don’t always have the luxury of waiting until spring to get it repaired or replaced. This is why it’s so important for our experts to work year-round, and we make sure to take winter conditions into consideration when recommending a solution. We always start off with an inspection to evaluate your foundation’s current state.

Interior Foundation Resurfacing

When you spot cracks or chips in your foundation, we can improve the integrity of the wall by resurfacing it. Due to winter conditions, we will often focus on interior foundation resurfacing for this season. It’s an especially helpful service for homeowners who are looking to sell—a cracked foundation won’t do well in the inspection report or look good to potential buyers.

Corrective Grading

As mentioned, there are instances when the ground is not ideal for digging, but we do our best to perform this service year-round. If homeowners dealt with spring flooding previously, then their ground’s sloping and windowsills may need correction.

Drain Tile Repair/Replace

Along the lines of spring flooding, malfunctioning drain tile could be the cause of your wet basement issues. We can repair or install new drain tile at any time of the year with a minimal amount of disruption to your home. Our process includes digging, laying drain tile, directing the water away, laying cover, and replacing the concrete floor. A lot of this process requires interior work, so we can definitely help homeowners have better peace of mind once the spring thaw comes around again.

While all situations will be different, we are always available to come out for an inspection. Then our experts can evaluate your foundation to see if the job should be done right away or if it would be better to schedule it a couple months in advance. The experts at Concrete & Foundation Solutions have been serving the Twin Cities for over 20 years.