As with all parts of the home, your garage can also experience foundation damage. In fact, it may even see more issues over time than other parts of your house. Settling is a natural part of every property with a concrete foundation, and it happens due to the pressure on the walls. Since a garage deals with a lot of weight and pressure from the vehicles parking in there, it’s important to know when settling becomes damage.

Why does garage foundation damage happen?

  • Erosion around the house starts to affect the grade, and then water does not properly guide itself away from the home. This can lead to water damage and water intrusions into the foundation.
  • If tree roots are too close to the home, they can start to put pressure against the walls of the foundation. They will then cause damage like cracks to appear.
  • The foundation deals with a lot of pressure in certain areas. For a garage, this often happens because vehicles are so heavy and keep towards the middle of the floor. Over time, the support can start to weaken, and the middle of the floor may sink in.

What are the warning signs your garage foundation needs repair?

  • Cracks appear in the walls or floor of the garage.
  • Damage may even be spotted on the external part of the home such as in the gap between the garage slab and the driveway slab.
  • The floor becomes uneven. More likely, the floor starts to sink in the middle. You can test this by placing a ball in your garage and seeing if it rolls and which way.
  • There’s a gap between the garage door and the concrete. When the foundation moves, it doesn’t fit to the past specifications of the door.

Whether you plan to stay in your home for a while or to sell it soon, you want to invest in your property. A garage with a damaged foundation will be a cause for concern. We see a lot of hidden damage around this part of the home that appears in cracks above the grade. Then, when we pull back the soil, the block foundation may be more damaged than expected.

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