Your home’s foundation is its lifeline, providing structural support and stability. Over time, foundation walls can bow due to things like soil pressure, water damage, or the home settling. A bowed foundation can lead to structural issues and compromise the safety of your home which is why it is important to address the problem sooner than later.

How do foundation walls become bowed?

There are several factors that can cause a foundation wall to curve and shift. Hydrostatic pressure is the outward and downward pressure caused by standing water against an object which can cause the walls to bow inward. Other things like poor drainage and changes in soil moisture levels in clay-heavy regions can also lead to soil exerting uneven pressure on the foundation walls.

How important is it to address bowed foundation walls?

Ignoring damaged foundation can lead to severe consequences. Not only will you see a decrease in property value, but as the walls bow, gaps tend to occur. These spaces lead to water entering in through the basement. This can cause moisture problems and mold growth. Bowed walls can also lead to cracks and structural failure, compromising the safety and stability if your home.

What is the best how to fix bowed foundation walls?

Core filling is a method used to stabilize and reinforce the gaps in block foundation. Holes are strategically drilled into the foundation wall, allowing access to the interior. We use a high-strength mixture which is injected into the holes under pressure. The cavities in the wall are filled that restore the foundation’s structural integrity. Core filling is typically used as a cost-effective solution instead of a more extensive foundation replacement. The process is relatively non-invasive and causes minimal disruption to your home. The results are also long-lasting and can last for decades which ensures long-term stability of your home.

A bowed foundation wall is a serious issue that demands prompt attention. If you notice any signs of bowing or cracking, consult your local foundation specialist. Core filling is a proven solution that can restore the integrity if your home and provide peace of mind for years to come.