We’ve seen our fair share of minor and major foundation damage over the combined 20 years of experience our team brings to the table. It could be as simple as some small cracks in the walls or more obvious signs like sinking floors and holes in foundation walls. No matter your worries, we’ve got the solution to your foundation problems. Here’s the typical process after you give us a call:

Consultation & Evaluation

Our experts offer a free initial consultation so we can see exactly what issues your foundation is suffering from and the extent of damage. We are able to evaluate in a number of ways: visually check the foundation in places like the basement, ask the homeowners if they’ve had issues with flooding, observe other areas like the floor and door frames, and pull away the soil from the home if we suspect extensive, hidden damage. We’ve seen it all, and we’re prepared for anything from small core fixes to replacing sections of the existing foundation.


The most common home foundations we see are concrete block ones. They’re made up of blocks stacked together like bricks, which form a solid wall, and are typically reinforced with steel rods. Depending on the damage, we may have to remove parts of the wall and floor to replace it with new material. Our experts ensure we do this in measured portions so that the structure does not lose its key support, which would cause further damage. Our methods also allow us to repair with limited disruption to the home, so homeowners don’t have to worry about, for example, finding another place to stay while repairs are being done.

Customer Service

Throughout the job, whether it takes one or multiple days, we make sure to communicate with the customers. Through request, most of it can even be contactless for your peace of mind during these unprecedented times. We are professional when conserving with homeowners and make sure we answer any pressing questions to avoid confusion about the repairs needed. If, for example, you were concerned with your budget on a large repair, we could even work out a plan. Our experts would make sure to handle the most pressing issues first and then schedule a follow-up appointment to help space out payments.

If you’re in need of foundation repair and are in the Twin Cities metro, give Concrete & Foundation Solutions a call to get started on your free consultation.