No matter the age of your home’s foundation, it will most likely suffer from cracks of various degrees. They’re not all a cause for concern, but they should be noted and watched as time and the elements start to take hold. There are many reasons why damage can happen to your foundation, so let’s go over some of the most common.

Foundation settling.

For a new home, it’s typical to expect the foundation to settle over a couple years. Some small cracks may appear as a result, but they should be hairline fractures and should be vertical. Those cracks are the most common and typically not a cause for concern until they start to widen and spread. If that happens, too much pressure is being put on the foundation, and it will need repair to settle more evenly.

Freeze-thaw effect.

The temperature changes during transitional seasons like spring and fall can be extreme, which causes the concrete to expand and contract. As it shifts, the concrete has more pressure put on it, which can cause cracks and worsen already-existing ones. It does take time for this damage to become noticeable, so it’s best to just keep an eye out during especially cold or warm seasons.

Soil moisture levels.

Whether we’re dealing with drought or flooding conditions, the soil around the home can cause damage. When the soil is dried out, it shrinks and draws away from the foundation creating a gap. That gives the foundation room to move and crack and could affect the overall structure if the drought persists for long periods.

Tree roots.

A large tree in your yard might look good, but it can be bad for your foundation if large roots start to put pressure on the concrete. Typically, landscapers have thought of this, so it’s a more common issue in older homes with well-established trees.

Bad grading.

The grading around your home can actually play a large part in how rainfall will affect your foundation. Ideally, water should be guided away from the house thanks to the slope of the soil. When that ground becomes level or even sinks, then water starts to pool around your home and get into cracks, which worsens the damage over time.

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