In general, the real estate industry considers homes that are over 50 years old to be an “older home”. It’s normal for wear and tear to have affected some aspects of the home by then, and the foundation has most likely had its fair share of strains over the years.

Whether you own an older home or are looking to buy one, it’s important to know the signs of foundation issues. The most common ones include:

Uneven floors.

While not always an indication that there’s a problem with the foundation—it could be an issue with the flooring like warped wood—an uneven floor could still be cause for concern. Sometimes it’s subtle, and sometimes it’s pretty easy to tell that there’s an issue. If it’s due to the foundation, you’ll most likely see other signs in the vicinity like doors that won’t close properly or cracks in the drywall. To really test it out, drop a pen or round object on the floor to see if it rolls in a certain direction.

Door and window issues.

As mentioned above, a sign of foundation problems can most often be seen around doors or windows if it has gone on long enough to start affecting those areas. The bad foundation will start to put weight in certain areas, and you will start to see windows or doors that won’t close properly or get stuck when you try to open them.

Cracks in the walls.

A bad foundation can cause cracks in the exterior and interior of your foundation and walls. However, not all cracks are the same. A hairline crack, for instance, could just be natural settling of the home. More extensive damage could start to appear over time, however, and those cracks will be wider and could appear in a variety of ways: vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. Those also mean different things in terms of severity.

Water intrusion.

A wet basement is probably the biggest sign something is happening with your home’s foundation. This can happen with an older home or a new one.

If you are seeing any signs like this, it’s essential to call a foundation expert for an assessment. Concrete & Foundation Solutions serves the Twin Cities metro, and we offer free consultations so we can properly assess the extent of damage and give an accurate estimate.