At some point during its lifespan, a foundation will need repair. The extent of it depends on many different aspects—age, weather, bad original structure—so it’s important to get it inspected if you start to see any damage. Getting that done sooner rather than later could be the reason why the recommended service is resurfacing vs. replacement. A full replacement takes more time and a larger budget to complete, so resurfacing is the perfect solution to a foundation that’s seeing smaller damage.

A resurfacing job focuses on the surface of the foundation; the structure is still sound, but age, for example, has started to cause some cracks and chips on the foundation. Whether it’s showing up on the inside or outside, it will affect the overall aesthetic of your home. If you’re trying to sell your home, it will affect your home’s curb appeal and probably cause some potential buyers to pass on buying—especially if it has started to affect the home’s integrity in other ways. You might see some cracks in the drywall, doors sticking, or reoccurring water intrusions that then risk water damage on objects in your basement. Left alone for too long, you may also start to deal with mold in your walls and basement, which affects the health of your family. Overall, it’s more beneficial to have a foundation expert stop in for a comprehensive assessment.

Some homeowners may try to put off a foundation job because it’s too much hassle, but that only opens your foundation up to more damage. A resurfacing job can be completed by foundation experts without disrupting the home. Our process includes:

  • Removing any debris and/or inspecting the damage.
  • Any damaged blocks are repaired with core fill or replacement.
  • To reinforce the foundation, heavy gauge metal lath and corner mouldings are installed.
  • A base coat of mix is applied to the entire foundation.
  • A final coat of base is applied to complete the smooth, new finish of the foundation.

If you’re seeing any signs of a deteriorating foundation, it’s time to call the solution. The experts at Concrete & Foundation Solutions have been serving the Twin Cities for over 20 years, and our extensive services allow us to handle large and complicated foundation or concrete jobs. If your home’s in need of our expert repair, give us a call.