When a home’s foundation needs repair, homeowners might expect their family to be inconvenienced for a lengthy amount of time because they think the whole wall will have to be replaced. However, depending on the extent of the damage, that complete replacement won’t be necessary if you choose the right foundation experts. If the fix can be focused to a problem area, such as the need for a core fill or section fix, then the experts you call should offer to only remove those damaged places. Overall, this benefits the homeowner because they’ll be able to save time and money with an easier solution.

Concrete Foundation Solutions is proud to offer this cost-effective service for applicable jobs. Every foundation job is different, and we will customize the job as needed. When our foundation experts come out to inspect your foundation, be assured that we will recommend the necessary work to keep your home’s foundation secure.

However, so that your foundation does not get to that point where it needs the wall to be completely replaced, you should also know how to spot warning signs. Look for:

  • Visible cracks.
  • Uneven surface.
  • Sinking
  • Flooding
  • Gaps around the windows.
  • Doors don’t close properly.
  • Uneven gaps around doors.

Luckily, these are all pretty easy to spot, so homeowners can call in an expert before the foundation deteriorates too much. Once you’ve made the call to our foundation experts and we come out to start the resurfacing, here’s our process.

  • Remove debris and inspect the damage.
  • Repair damaged blocks with core fill or replacement. (This will not require the entire wall to be pulled out.)
  • Install heavy gauge metal lath and corner mouldings.
  • Apply a base coat of mix to the entire foundation
  • Apply final coat of base to complete the smooth, new finish of the foundation.

If you have been seeing issues with your foundation, give us a call sooner rather than later for a consultation and estimate. We will recommend the best option for your home’s needs and your budget.