While we’re all dealing with the snow and ice that comes with winter, your home’s foundation is also dealing with these frigid temperatures in its own way. Here are the most common issues we see during this time of year:

Frozen Discharge Line

In the sump pump system, there are discharge lines installed that are key for directing water away from the home. Since water moves through it, that means there may be some remnants from whenever it last pushed excess water out. That could make it prone to freezing if it was not properly installed. These lines need to be buried well below the frost line to help them avoid that freeze. Luckily, your heated home can help keep the soil from completely freezing if the temperatures are more moderate, so that combined with proper installation should avoid it freezing and potentially blocking the line.

Frost Heave

The freeze thaw also affects the soil around your home. When the temperatures start to go below freezing, any water in the soil around your home will freeze and expand. That means the soil will rise and press up against your home’s foundation, which could cause damage to it over time. If you did have water intrusions last summer, and they have not been addressed, it could speed up that natural damage as the trapped water in the foundation also expands. Your heated home can help prevent this by also keeping the soil around it from completely freezing, but that’s not always feasible in long periods of below-freezing temps. Natural wear and tear due to the freeze-thaw will happen, so it’s important to keep an eye on your foundation for any damage.

Water Intrusions

As mentioned earlier, any water trapped in your foundation can wreak havoc during the winter. When too much water pools around your home due to bad grading, for instance, then it can end up leaking into your home through small cracks. Once winter hits, that water in the cracks can freeze, expand, and cause the cracks to get worse. This is why it’s important to address water intrusions with fixes like corrective grading and sump pumps. They are your home’s best defense against flooding and the potential issues that arise when water remains in the foundation.

Whether you have already dealt with some foundation issues earlier this year or it’s been awhile since you had it last inspected, our experts can help repair your foundation no matter the season. We proudly serve the Twin Cities metro and address all of your concrete and foundation needs. Give us a call to get a free consultation set up.